Race checklist for the PRO and PRO's delegates

Before race day

  • Spare handheld airhorns
  • Writing utensils
  • Clipboard
  • Marks: 2 orange, 1 yellow for windward-leeward course. Need 3 orange for a triangle course.
  • Handheld VHF
  • Watches and phones to keep track of and record times
  • Course board and placards
  • GPS
  • The flags listed on our Visual Signals page
  • Inflaters

On the dock, before leaving

On the water, preparing for races

On the water, during racing

  • Sighter notifies the recorder of the sail numbers as boats are approaching the finish and blows the air horn as each boat finishes
  • Timer tells the recorder the time each boat finishes
  • Recorder fills out the scoring sheet

After racing, back at the dock


Contact our Commodore, Bob Slook, by email or call (732) 740-5591

PO Box 981, Oriental, NC 28571

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