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All it takes is a sense of adventure...

Sailors start racing for different reasons. Some like the competitive aspect ... some like the opportunity it offers to meet new, active people...still others aspire to better boat handling skills ... and the confidence that comes with them.

Long time ODC member, Doug Carmichael, described it this way.... "Racing injects an artificial level of stress when I'm out on the water. In reality these are just friendly club races, not the America's Cup. The stress is not 'real'... but, 'it feels real'."

"The day will come when I'm going out Beaufort Inlet or into a busy harbor...and the wind will pick up or the motor will die...and I will have the confidence in my boat handling skills to deal with it."

"Deep down inside, too many sailors become a little uneasy in their abilities when in traffic or when they encounter a dicey situation ...  because they've not been put to the test under stress. Racing is the best thing I've found to become proficient."

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Skills & Confidence

Racing builds boat handling skills. Often, the difference between 'a good day' and 'a bad one' is a couple of sharp tacks or mark roundings.

Some mistakenly perceive racing as a testosterone filled, free-for-all... with a lot of yelling. In reality, it's a bunch of friends ...where mutual respect is the overriding tone... enjoying a sport which combines the beauty of wind & water with a skill level unmatched by cruising or going out for the occasional daysail.

Upon finding themselves in an unanticipated, dicey situation... while racing or just out sailing with friends... starting the engine is not the initial thought of most experienced racers.

Technology Utilization

Many ODC members now use raceQs ... a boat tracking system specifically designed for sailboat racing. It utilizes a GPS based, tracking technology to capture individual boat movement for later online based 3D replay. It's an incredible tool to analyze actual, 'real world' race tracks...and to compare performance to other boats/teams you know.

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ODC has members who are factory trained on this incredible system. Seminars and subsequent one-on-one training is free to ODC members.

RaceQs technology allows club level sailors to review their race performance and to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Competent Officiating

Oriental Dinghy Club races are officiated by some of the best race officers in eastern NC.

The club has two US SAILING Certified Race Officers and numerous other members who have decades of experience as race officials, judges and umpires.

Plan to race your boat?

If you wish to compete using your boat in a non-One Design division, you'll need to obtain a 'rating' for your vessel. In NC, ratings are obtained by applying to the NC-PHRF committee, our statewide governing body, If you need help, please contact us. Below is a link to the application form.  


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